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About Us
Le Grand HS
Granada HS


Granada High is a small continuation high school in the Le Grand Union High School District.  Enrollment is between 40 and 55 students, on average, at any one time.  The staff consists of a principal, one full-time teacher, two part-time teacher, a part-time counselor, an instructional aid and a secretary/office manager.


The program at the larger traditional high school may not meet the needs of all the District’s students.  Some students need more personal attention and flexibility than a regular high school may be able to provide.  Granada attempts to meet the needs of these students by offering an alternative to the traditional high school program.  Granada is small so the staff takes a personal interest in the development of each student.  Programs at GHS are structured so that each student can work at his or her own pace and academic level.  Credit is earned by completion and quality of work.  The atmosphere is somewhat informal with an accent on quality of instruction, positive reinforcement and college and career readiness.  Students are offered all of the classes required by the school district for graduation, plus a variety of electives.  One of the main objectives of the Granada High staff is to help students make up deficient credits so they may return to the traditional high school to graduate or get back on track to graduate here at GHS.  Students may enroll at Granada at any time of the year, but they must have permission from both the GHS and the LGHS principals.  However, students can only return back to the traditional high school at the end of a semester or at the start of a new school year.  Qualified students will be referred back by the GHS principal.  A formal graduation ceremony is held every year for those students who are graduating from Granada High School as well as from the Independent Study program.

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Where We Are Located

Le Grand is located in Merced County, California, United States. Le Grand is located east-southeast of Merced
12961 East Le Grand Road, Le Grand, CA 95333

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